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Sharana Shri. Krishnappa is the devotee of Lord Basaveshwara, follower of sharana philosophy and the former Member of city municipal council, He was awardee of CENTRAL GOVT YOUTH AWARD IN SOCIAL SERVICE, BASAVA BHUSHANA AWARD, AND JAGADGURU TONTADARYA STATE AWARD

Sri. Basava TV is the property of Basava Devotees, Disciples of Basava and people of Basava Religion. It should grow infinitely and spread the Basava Religion, augment the Sharana Culture and values of human being's morality in the state, in country and in abroad. To unite the different forms of worshipping and Shivayoga and to compromise in following different practices and to establish the strongest Society of Sharanas. To improve World brotherhood, World Love and social harmony. If such a religious atmosphere needs to be created in the world, the philosophy and practice of Basava and Sharanas should be embodied in the heart of every human being. Everyone needs to be examined based on knowledge, experience, values, practice and philosophy. Sharana Shri. Krishnappa has firm confidence that all these aspirations will be possessed by Shri. Basava T.V.

MD E. Krishnappa

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