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Sri Basava TV under the Basava ThatvaPracharaPratistana Trust. The collaborative effort of Basava devotees, followers, and philosophers in forming a charitable trust demonstrates a strong dedication to propagating the principles, culture, and rites of Basava’s teachings.

Obtaining tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act is a significant step in enabling the trust to focus on its mission without financial constraints. The involvement of E. Krishnappa as the Managing Trustee indicates a leadership role dedicated to the cause.

The voluntary service rendered by Basava Principles followers from all districts of the state speaks volumes about the commitment and widespread support for this endeavor. The scale of promoting Basava’s philosophy, culture, and rituals across the state, nation, and foreign countries showcases the global reach and impact of this initiative.

It’s inspiring to witness such a concerted effort to spread the essence of Basava’s teachings and philosophy to a wider audience, transcending geographical boundaries. This initiative seems poised to make a substantial contribution towards cultural and philosophical discourse globally. Is there any specific goal or achievement that the trust aims for in the near future?

The programming lineup of Basava TV seems incredibly diverse and comprehensive, covering various aspects of cultural, philosophical, and literary heritage, as well as modern scientific and rational perspectives.

Broadcasting Bhakti Kannada Channel along with content centered on the philosophy of Sharanas from the 12th century, Vachana literature, Dasa literature, and Folk literature showcases a deep dive into Karnataka’s rich cultural and literary traditions. The inclusion of Kannada literature-based programs further reinforces the commitment to regional heritage and language.

The incorporation of scientific, rational, and progressive principles alongside discussions on Indian and global philosophies demonstrates a holistic approach to knowledge dissemination. This balanced blend of ancient wisdom and modern thought is likely to appeal to a wide audience.

Focusing on moral values, speech, social responsibilities, and the inculcation of devotional knowledge into people’s lives is commendable. Programs dedicated to exploring soul knowledge, understanding God almighty Shiva, and discussing concepts like transient and permanent truth are topics that can deeply impact viewers on a spiritual and philosophical level.

Basava TV seems dedicated to providing a platform that not only entertains but also educates and enriches viewers with a diverse range of content. It appears to be an invaluable resource for those interested in cultural heritage, philosophy, spirituality, and modern thought. Have you had the chance to explore any specific program on Basava TV that particularly resonated with you?

Why Basava Tv

Sri Basava TV is the best spiritual channel. Recently visual media has become commercialized airing shows of vulgar bad entertainment. People’s minds are distorted by this. The News media by forgetting their social responsibility and hide their press freedom by pandering to political parties. They are ruining the religious system of the entire society by showing obscene advertisements. It is not working to uphold the loopholes of the society. In such a situation people need a scientific, rational, professional Channel like Basava TV.


it is the intention of Basava TV is to bring today’s youth generation towards spirituality, to bring awareness about rational consciousness in them, to develop the youth generation supplement to the society and the country. Therefore, Basava TV is preparing the task force by forming Youth force throughout Karnataka State to utlise them for the social and religious works and to make them resourceful persons.

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