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It’s impressive to learn about the diverse range of programs broadcasted by Sri Basava TV, catering to a wide audience across Karnataka and neighboring states for the past four years. The channel’s commitment to non-news entertainment and its focus on various facets of life and culture is commendable.

The programs on health awareness, spiritual teachings rooted in the philosophy of 12th-century Sharanas, personality development initiatives against superstitious beliefs, reality shows encompassing singing and dancing, traditional cooking demonstrations, discussions on current affairs, speeches on spirituality, social justice, uplifting socially marginalized sections, and advocating fundamental rights of citizens, among other content, reflect a holistic approach to engaging viewers.

The inclusion of visual narratives depicting historical and spiritual monuments, quiz programs on spiritual and national issues, enlightening programs for a healthy society, as well as TV serials featuring social moral stories and spiritual films, showcases a comprehensive lineup that aims to cater to varied interests while upholding moral and cultural values.

With an estimated viewership of around 40 lakhs, Sri Basava TV presents a significant platform for advertisers seeking to reach a broad audience in Karnataka and neighboring regions. The diverse programming and substantial viewership make it an attractive opportunity for companies looking to enhance their market presence and engage with a dynamic consumer base.

The channel’s commitment to providing meaningful and culturally rich content aligns well with businesses seeking to associate with platforms that uphold similar values. Advertising with Sri Basava TV could indeed provide a beneficial avenue for companies aiming for increased market visibility and engagement.

Sl. No. Advertisement Description Duration / Qty Rate
01. Commercial Adds 10sec 250/-
02. Scroll Adds Unlimited 1,500/- day
03. Austin Band 10sec 250/- slot
04. L Band 10sec 250/- one time
05. Teleshopping 15 minutes 10,000/- slot
06. Commercial Health Live Programs 25 minutes per month 15,000/- 4,00,000/-
07. Commercial / Education Live Programs 25 minutes 15,000/-

Note: GST & other Government Taxes are extra as applicable.

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