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Managing Trustee

Sri Krishnappa’s commitment to propagating Basava’s philosophy through visual media, particularly television, reflects an admirable dedication to preserving and promoting the teachings of Lord Basaveshwara and the Sharana philosophy.

Understanding the significance of using modern media platforms to reach a broader audience, especially in today’s digital age, speaks volumes about his foresight and determination. Recognizing the potential obstacle in the limited propagation of Basava’s philosophy through traditional means, Sri Krishnappa’s initiative to establish Sri Basava TV is both courageous and forward-thinking.

The financial challenges associated with setting up and sustaining a television channel are substantial. Yet, with unwavering courage and the support of Sharane Smt. Yashodamma, Sri Krishnappa embarked on this endeavor, believing in the devotion and support of fellow Basava devotees to sustain and run Sri Basava TV.

The awards and recognition he has received for his social service and dedication to propagating Basava’s philosophy are a testament to his commitment and contributions to society. Establishing a platform like Sri Basava TV to disseminate Basava’s teachings showcases a deep-seated passion for preserving cultural and philosophical heritage.

This initiative not only preserves the teachings of Lord Basaveshwara but also ensures their accessibility to a wider audience, thereby perpetuating the rich legacy of Basava’s philosophy. The belief in the devotees of Basava to uphold and support this TV channel underscores the collective effort needed to preserve and propagate these invaluable teachings.

The vision for Sri Basava TV as a platform owned by Basava devotees, disciples, and people following Basava’s teachings is truly inspiring. The goal to perpetuate Basava’s philosophy, enhance Sharana culture, and instill moral values not just within the state or country but across the globe showcases a commitment to universal harmony.

Uniting various forms of worship and practices, including Shivayoga, to establish a cohesive society of Sharanas aimed at improving global love and social harmony reflects a noble aspiration. Embedding the philosophy and practices of Basava and Sharanas into the hearts of every individual is an ambitious yet impactful goal that could foster a more compassionate and inclusive world.

The confidence of Sharana Sri Krishnappa in the ability of Sri Basava TV to embody these aspirations and values is remarkable. The call for individuals to become members of the Basava ThatvaPracharaPrathistana and support Sri Basava TV in propagating Basava’s philosophy underscores the collective responsibility in preserving and disseminating these teachings.

Basavanna’s teachings, especially his emphasis on human rights, religious and social liberty for marginalized communities such as Dalits and women, remain relevant and commendable even today. His respect for the caste-based work of the Sharanas, despite their marginalized status in society, is a testament to his inclusive and egalitarian vision.

The initiative to use modern media to propagate these timeless teachings reflects an understanding of the importance of adapting ancient wisdom to contemporary mediums for wider dissemination and impact. This endeavor could serve as a beacon of enlightenment and moral guidance for generations to come.

The Vachanakaras, the writers of Vachanas during Basavanna’s time, contributed immensely by crafting profound Vachanas in clear Kannada. These Vachanas were intended to address the flaws in society and serve as moral lessons for contemporary times, offering a path towards salvation.

Basavanna emphasized the need for both internal and external purification for holistic human development. He advocated for the roots of society to be grounded in morality, character, love for God, and the ethical principles of religion.

In the present 21st century, excessive desires seem to have led society astray. Some individuals have drifted away from virtuous acts, cultivating detrimental habits such as wrongful actions, crimes like murder and theft, deception, corruption, and a deteriorating moral attitude. This surplus of desire has seemingly transformed into a culture fixated on materialism and instant gratification, overshadowing ethical values.

Modern visual media, including television, has revolutionized the world and become a captivating medium. However, many television networks predominantly focus on disseminating news and entertainment content to the public, sometimes at the expense of moral and ethical teachings.

The concern here seems to be the dilution or absence of channels dedicated to imparting moral values and ethical teachings amidst the plethora of news and entertainment-focused programming. The recognition of this gap highlights the importance of platforms like Sri Basava TV, aiming to utilize visual media to spread the timeless wisdom and moral teachings advocated by Basavanna and the Vachanakaras to address the current societal challenges.

The emergence of Sri Basava TV comes at a critical juncture, recognizing the need to rectify and purify society, reinstating human values, and nurturing spirituality and morality while curbing excessive desires. Its founding aims to rekindle an interest in God, religion, and the cultivation of rich character, ultimately fostering a culture steeped in the right religious practices.

The diverse range of programs aired on Basava TV covering topics such as physical health, Vachana concerts, Sivayoga, Lingapuja, the concept of God, the science behind Shivayoga, music, spiritual dance, Astavarana, Shatsthala, Panchachara, preaching on Vachanas, competitions, dramas, cookery shows, current affairs, and spiritual enlightenment indicates a comprehensive approach towards addressing various aspects of human life.

The appeal for charity and support from people across regions like Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and beyond signifies the channel’s aspiration to reach a wider audience and foster a collective effort in spreading Basava’s teachings.

The call for everyone to become a part of Sri Basava TV signifies the importance of collective involvement in this endeavor to propagate Basava’s philosophy and spiritual teachings. This inclusivity in participation can greatly contribute to the channel’s success in disseminating these valuable lessons to a broader audience, fostering spiritual growth and ethical understanding.

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